Agnes - On And On Lyrics

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Agnes - On And On Lyrics

Agnes - On And On Lyrics

On and on
This love I feel for you goes on and on

This world can be a scary place
And so much love goes to waste
One moment everything is clear
The next it all could disappear

We need something to hold on to
I wanna be that thing for you
´Cause you´re not in this all alone
Your heart has finally found a home

On and on
This love I feel for you goes on and on
It´s something you can´t lose
You´re gonna find this heart of mine
Will stand the test of time
On and on
Can´t you see this is where you belong
I´ve got so much to give
And down you´ve gone and let these arms
Shelter you tonight

Words can be so hard to trust
They made a fool of all of us
Let your emotions be your guide
And go with what you feel inside

I know that what I feel is deep
And when I play I play for keeps
I know that you´ve been hurt so bad
But this is something made to last


I can feel us moving
Closer by the minute
This is so amazing
Have a little faith and
Let me lead the way
I can promise you that

(Chorus) x2

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